Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips


  • You should set up for your Skype interview in a room where the light is good and you can add extra light if needed. The light needs to be above you or in front of you so your face can be clearly seen
  • It should be in a room where you will NOT be interrupted by other people passing through, that sounds from other people are not audible
  • Let others know you are going to having an employment interview so they can either be very quiet or go out ensuring you are not disturbed
  • You should set up your computer so that behind you is a blank wall, e.g. if you are doing it in your bedroom , ensure the bed cannot be seen

Internet Connection

  • Check you have a good internet connection
  • Check Skype is working and that you have checked your video and sound
  • Try a test video Skype with a friend or with the interview co-ordinator


  • Make sure you plan what you are going to wear , it should be smart casual and you should make sure that your hair is neat and tidy , clean shaven or beard trimmed and tidy , make-up on if you wear it
  • Make sure you have prepared for your interview, do your research on the employer, look at their website, familiarise yourself with the topics they discussing at the time on their website. Make sure you are at your computer at least 10 minutes before the start of your interview.
  • Have a drink of water by your side as your mouth might get dry with nervousness
  • Speak slowly and clearly , take deep breaths if you are nervous
  • Give eye contact , look at your interviewer , make sure they can see all your face and shoulders
  • Have a pen and paper in case you want to make notes
  • Ensure you are polite at all times and you smile , remember to use words like “ please, thank you and excuse me”
  • Stay Focussed!